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At Sam the Concrete Man, our commercial concrete flooring provides the best of both worlds–the strength and durability of a freeway with nearly unlimited design potential.

It’s no wonder commercial concrete floor finishes are so popular for business owners in Wheat Ridge, CO.

Why choose commercial concrete flooring?

These are just a few of the many reasons why owners all across Wheat Ridge, CO are building their businesses on top of commercial concrete flooring:

  • Fits any budget–whether you want something fast, affordable, and effective, or the very best flooring money can buy, our selection of commercial concrete flooring coatings, designs, and finishes fits any budget.
  • Limitless design potential–choose from a huge selection of color and design options to match your brand’s palette or create something one of a kind. You’re only limited by your imagination!
  • Low maintenance–compared to commercial flooring alternatives, concrete is extremely low-maintenance (and our concrete restoration services are fast and affordable!).
  • Long-lasting–with the right care, installation technique, and quality materials, your commercial concrete flooring will last for decades.
  • Durability–commercial concrete floor coatings can stand up to heavy equipment, foot traffic, and the worst of Wheat Ridge, CO weather. Commercial concrete flooring finishes also resist moisture and stains.
  • Heat control–concrete floors can be heated with a radiant system.

Commercial concrete flooring in Wheat Ridge, CO

Sam the Concrete Man offers a wide range of commercial concrete flooring services, including:

  • Commercial concrete floor installation
  • Commercial concrete floor coatings
  • Commercial concrete flooring finishes
  • Commercial concrete floor coloring
  • Commercial concrete floor design
  • Concrete repair
  • Concrete resealing
  • Concrete refinishing
  • Concrete polishing, and much more

Whatever you choose, Sam the Concrete Man guarantees a positive customer experience that’s built on our 30+ year old foundation of integrity, quality craftsmanship, and attentive customer service.

Free commercial concrete flooring quotes in Wheat Ridge, CO

Whatever your commercial concrete flooring needs, Sam the Concrete Man is here to help.

Need a free quote? Need some concrete answers to your commercial flooring questions?

Call 303-948-0140 or use our short contract form to schedule your free consultation in Wheat Ridge, CO. All quotes are free and there’s never any pressure to buy–we just want to help!


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